Origami Magic Ball templates

In my earlier article I introduced the Origami Magic Ball, how to fold it, and a pattern generator for generating images that can be printed out and folded.

I thought it might be useful to just add a set of images that you can print out without having to play with the generator. You can then use these along with the instructions from the earlier post to fold your own magic ball. So here come the samples that I’ve generated so far!









Hope these prove useful, and if you want to share any of your own, please link to them in the comments!

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2 Responses

  1. rehssingh says:

    Thanks man!! These really helped, can you please do more black and white. I loved them!!

  2. sharrmaa says:

    wow! it’s awesome.My magic ball dragon’s egg is so nice.thank u.gooooooooood

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