There are two apps available for download, Woofractal is a GPU accelerated fractal rendering system targeted at general users. Wooscripter is a bit of fun I did a while back.


To download the latest version of WooFractal please click the button below.

Getting Started)
– Open the application.
– Select a fractal you like from the 6 boxes in “HYBRIDISE”.
– Move some sliders
– Move the camera around using arrow keys (hold Ctrl for up/down, Shift for fine control)
– Click final render
– Click start
– Move sliders until you get an image you like
– Click Save
– Share on twitter/instagram/etc. and tag #woofractal


To download the latest version of wooscript please click the button below.

To get started with Wooscripter try reading the Introduction to Wooscripter article for a simple introduction to how the application works.

There’s also a full Wooscript Language Reference if you’d like to better understand the language for scripting objects.

Finally, please like the page on facebook if you’d like to receive regular updates about the product. And if you generate any really cool images, why not post them onto that page too?