Hi all, my name is Dom Penfold and welcome to my site all about raytracing and a few other random bits and bobs. First off, let me introduce myself. I’ve been working with computers for as long as I’ve had access to them. From an early age I used to walk downstairs and log on to my dad’s apple mac 2 to play Snake. As I grew up I spent an unhealthy amount of time playing computer games and hauling my PC around to various people’s houses. 4 player C&C, Doom, etc.. Great times.

Eventually I got into programming graphics effects with a friend from school, and we became pretty decent ASM programmers (or so I thought). After a few years we moved onto separate universities. It was during my first year at uni (1997) that I started an online diary. Ever since then I’ve enjoyed messing about with HTML and javascript, although I stopped regularly blogging some years ago…

After university I worked in computer games for 7 years starting with a good 4.5 year stint at Elixir Studios. The first game we worked on; Republic: The Revolution, was released to some critical acclaim in 2003. I went on to work on a number of prototype products, one of which made it into the media, the interesting but ultimately doomed Blue Vault.

When Elixir started to collapse in on itself in 2005 I moved on to the London studio of Kuju. Remarkably they’re still in business and the London studio lives on as Headstrong Games. Initially coming in to work on special effects for Battalion Wars, I then moved on to manage the tools and technology for Battalion Wars 2. Proudest moment: fullscreen distortion buffer!

In 2006 our first child was born, and as 2007 started I decided it was time to move into a respectable job which would give me plenty of time to see the family. That lead me into a niche company providing OTC trading platforms to the energy business. Sounds a bit dry, and was a bit dryer than games, but also much more compatible with family life. The energy industry is also fascinatingly complex when you start picking about under the hood. I was surprised by how much effort goes into keeping the lights on!

As 2012 progressed I decided it was time to change job again; this time to work as a manager in marketing technology. And that’s where I sit now (notice how the links drop off the more recent the history is). So that’s a quick introduction to me.

What about this website?

This website is my playground. I experiment with analytics, I post lots of articles about things that interest me. The bulk of these articles actually focus on a raytracer I’ve been developing for many years including fractal geometry and procedural geometry. I also occasionally dip into other topics I want to share, including a series of articles about digital marketing.

Expect to see periodic updates!